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Working with wikis

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Using WI IS with classes


This page is a collection of ideas on how to use wikis in (or out) of the classroom



With a class of advanced learners in a blended course I am planning on using wikis as a reference tool. There will be different pages, eg.


  • special phrases
  • collocations
  • vocabulary (divided into topics if necessary)
  • phrasal verbs


The students would be expected to contribute regularly (weekly) and would be using reading material as their main source




A really wonderful form of the wiki is the online word processor. I like Google Docs & Spreadsheets (formerly Writely as a great way to do peer editing and collaborative writing. Each student's contribution shows up clearly, and the teacher can also make edits. It is very WYSIWYG.


Though I've used it mainly with editing tasks for a book, the potential for student use is great--how else can you see what happens in a peer editing group?





  • Insert item #1 here


  • Insert item #2 here


  • Insert item #3 here



Westwood space and Aristotle Experiment Space)


  • A special offer from Wikispaces for K-12 teachers is at


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