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Add your photo!

a. Edit page

b. Add file

c. Browse

d. Upload. Once the image has been uploaded it will show up in the list on the page you are editing

e. Put your pointer at the insertion point

f. Click on the picture miniature on the right

g. Preview

h. Save


Hi, I´m Isabel from Brasília, Brazil.I´m an EFL teacher in a public language center called CILT( Centro Interescolar de Línguas de Taguatinga).It would be nice if the other members also posted here.


I've resized your picture, Isabel. If you want you can delete the big one (and this message too) (((((Isabel))))) Claudia
How did you do that, Claudia?Using Paint?-Isabel

This is how I did it, Isabel:

  1. I pasted your picture in Paint
  2. I resized it (dragging one of its angles)
  3. I opened it with Microsoft Office Picture Manager (my default picture viewer). It has an "Edit image" option which allows you to change size and compress.
Look for more in "Working with images" Claudia


Hi Isabel.


Good to see you. We'll be in touch again with Gladys !!!



I'm Susana. I tried to add my photo here, but it's just on my right...


Hello Susana.I could post your picture here! It was just to click on the picture!- Isabel


|It's so good to see you, ladies! I'm Claudia, appointed

Queen of Blogland by Gladys, Susana and Isabel. What do you think of my royal outfit? I look smart in it, don't I?|


You look great Claudia!But you are much more beautiful, indeed.What about a real picture of yours? Isabel


Hi,my name is Gorkem.I tried to add my picture on the site but I am not sure that I did it correctly.So please excuse me if It is not in the correct place.By the way this is my class which I am teaching.I am having my teaching practise with these incredible students.And I am the one sitting in the front with red sweatshirt.Have a nice day!

Hello, Gorkem. You look so young!It's nice to have you in our group!-Isabel


Hi there! I´m Maryte (on the net).I´ve been teaching English for over twenty years and am very interested in learning anything connected with the use of technology in class.

Glad to be among you!




Dennis, talking, though it looks as if he is conducting a choir.


Hi, Dennis.Nice picture




Hi all!!! I am Berta from Caracas and I work with freshman students in EFL/EST reading. So happy to be here!





Hi there. I am Ingrid from Germany and have been teaching English for more than 15 years. I like to work with computers and the Internet.


Hello everybody , I am Silvana Teixeira from Brazil.


Hi everybody, I am Almerinda Garibaldi from Brazil, and I´m learning with Isabel Teixeira how to post in the wiki.

It´s nice to take part of this group. Wait for my picture.

Hi LWCers! My name is Mary and I'm from Ohio. I'm happy to join you and look forward to learning many new things from you!


Hi everyone

My name's Illya and I'm from the US but have been living in Switzerland for so long that I'm now rather Swiss! I really enjoy this group and all the wonderful people!

|Hello, My name's Paul. I'm from England and now living

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