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Going unmoderated

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Going unmoderated


As you must have realized, LWCs is a moderated group. This means all your postings need to be approved by the group owner or moderator so that they can actually be published in the group and everybody reads you.


I'd like to keep it this way for several reasons:


1. To prevent spamming (unsolicited mails, usually trying to sell us something we haven't asked about).


2. To make sure our messages go "as clean as possible": no irrelevant footers, no unnecessary inclusion of original messages (even digests)


when replying to group messages, clear subject lines, no any├žonymous postings, etc... I think this is particularly important to help newcomers to the Web cope with the amount of messages we send each day...



The drawbacks of such an approach, however, are clear: unless the moderators are at their keyboard 24/7, communication in the group will get stuck!


How can you help?


As group owner, I have the option to unmoderate individual members, while leaving lurkers and newcomers moderated (until they feel confident enough to ask for unmoderation, you see?).


Asking for unmoderation means that you promise you'll do your best to:


1. make sure all your postings will include as specific a subject line as possible.


2. delete all irrelevant information from your postings (e.g. whole original messages, long signatures or Yahoo! footers)


3. post to the group always bearing in mind this group is for newcomers to the web, so we must "select" how much to share (in the same way we all "select" how much target language we "share" with our beginners,I guess).


4.distinguish between postings which might be of interest to the whole group and private discussions ((you can always use the e-mail for the latter)




I know many of you are ready for this responsibility, and even a lot more. Do you feel ready to go unmoderated? Pls send a message to the group explaining you've read and understood these guidelines, and agree to keep them.


Soon I'll add a new page with ideas on how you can do even more... now my husband's calling me!


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