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Computer Tricks

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Manipulating Windows screens

(by Gladys and Dennis N.)


If you are working with Windows, you can see as many screens as you like at the same time, just by right clicking on a grey section of the toolbar at the bottom of your screen, and clicking on "Horizontal mosaic" or "Vertical mosaic" (the first option is my favourite). Click on minimize to leave out any windows you don't want to see right then. Right click on the toolbar again to "Undo mosaic" when you want just one screen once again.


Working with two windows side-by-side is a quite marvellous way of working with a translation - the one language on one side, the other - your emerging translation - on the other. You need to click at the top of each window, in the blue frame, to activate the window of your choice i.e. to make it possible to work in it. All the accessories, spelling checker, thesaurus etc. work separately within each window. And if you need to work full screen with one window for a while, you can do that as well - and return to half screen later.


Another application is when you are working with two versions of the same document. You can have them side by side and copy and paste and delete.


Try this link:http://n.hughes.free.fr/it1.htm for several ways of manipulating Windows screens. Step # 8 is the one I've just described(there you can see a screenshot in French).


Tab function

(by Illya)


In Firefox it's ctrl+T. You can open tabs for a new website without having to close ot change the one you're in.


"Undo" function

(by Illya)





"Find" function

(by Mary H.)


Ctrl+F opens up the "find" function and you can search the entire webpage for a certain word or phrase. It saves a lot of time!


Copy and paste screenshots

(by Maria Luis, Teri and Dennis N. )



"Print screen" key (PrtScr) and Control+V to paste the screenshot wherever you want.

When you push the print screen button it saves a picture of the screen in the computers clip board. You can then open the Paint program and click on Edit on the menu and then on Paste. Then you can save the image or adjust it as you like.

Learn more: http://home.earthlink.net/~leetutor/DoWin/Keyboard/prtscr.htm

PS: on some computers you may need to hold down the fn key as well. (Elizabeth H-S)


Firefox icons and functions

(by Dora R.)


The "open a new tab" icon, and an addon that allows you to save images in a predetermined folder. It is found in https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/614/


Full screen

(by Claudia B.)





(by Ingrid)

when I want to insert a hyperlink in a word-document, I highlight the word or sentence, then I use ctr+k. I then go to the internet to the page I want to link to, highlight the URL and it automatically goes into the pop-up window of the word-document.

Change between pages

(by Ozge)

My favourite short cut is the one I use when the pages get locked and I cannot change one page to another. It is alt+ tab.I need it especially in times I am working with many pages at the same time.

Opening a new IE window
(by Ana Maria)
When using explorer and when I want to open a new window I normally click on file, new, and then window.

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