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Browsing the Web - Part 4

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Firefox has the following functions assigned:


F1 Help

F2 -

F3 'Find' window appears at bottom, left-hand corner of the screen

F4 -

F5 (As Ilya explained) re-loads current page

F6 -

F7 Turns Caret browsing on/off i.e. places a moveable cursor on web pages so that you can select text with the keyboard. I think the "on" setting is the default setting we are all used to.

F8 -

F9 -

F10 Highlights 'Files' in the top, left-hand corner of the screen

F11 Raises and lowers the whole screen, thus optimizing the space for viewing content of current window. This can mean that the control bar goes out of sight.

F12 -



Control key combinations and their effects (running Firefox and within our Wiki):


Ctrl + F Opens 'Find' window, bottom, let-hand corner of the screen

Ctrl + E Nothing happens

Ctrl + O Opens 'Open file' window

Ctrl + D Opens 'Add Bookmark' window

Ctrl + Page up I don't seem to have this key

Ctrl + Page down I don't seem to have this key

Ctrl + T Opens a window as tab (ie. you can see the tabs at the top of the window and easily move back and forth between them)This one is very useful if you need to work with multiple sites!!!




20 May 2006 13:03 local time (GMT + 2)




What happens if you click the following combination of keys when



Ctrl + F - Find

Ctrl + E – Highlighted search bar

Ctrl + O – Open a file

Ctrl + D – Add a bookmark


And what do the following special keys do?


F1 – Opens Firefox help window

F3- Find

F5 – I think it refreshed the page

F11 – Made the webpage bigger, by turning off the top and bottom toolbars and making the buttons smaller. This is called full screen, I believe.


keyboard shortcuts that work with Mozilla Firefox!


F6- Selects the area at the top of the page where the URL is located: the location bar.


F7- Caret browsing.

“Caret browsing in Mozilla is designed to allow one to browse, navigate links and select text using only the keyboard.”

From “101 Things Mozilla Browser Can do that IE Can’t” http://www.xulplanet.com/ndeakin/arts/reasons.html



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