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Browsing the Web - Part 2

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April 27-May 3, 2006



An invitation to look into the tools your webbrowser offers



Tutorial on Using a Webbrowser



1. How do you bookmark a webpage so that you can find it again in cyberspace? (aka "Add to Favourites")


*Go to Bookmarks, Bookmark this Page or Press Crtl + D

*In Firefox you simply choose bookmark and 'add to bookmarks'. You can then make subfiles and save them there, keeping your bookmarks(somewhat) organized.

2. How do you save a page on your hard disk so that you can go back

to it without being connected to the Web? (4 options in IE).


*I'm not sure about this one. If I download something, it is saved under 'downloads' until I clear them- this is under 'tools'. Is this what you mean?


*File, Save Page As

Right click, save page as

Ctrl + S




*I opened my IE and looked under "Save as". There are 4 options and I saved my webpage in all of them to see what happened. These are my results:


1) As full webpage: you get the html file and the image folder

2) As webfile (only one file) .

3) Only HTML

4) Textfile


In cases 1 and 2, you can see the complete webpage with all its images and links (don't work of course). File 2 is heavier than 1.

In case 3 I got the text and format of the webpage but no images. File 3 is much smaller than 1 or 2.

In case 4, the lightest file of all, I got only the text. Not attractive at all, but useful when you want to save and edit long texts.

3. How can you find a certain word in a whole page with just a couple

of clicks?

*Look under 'Edit' and then choose, find in this page, or just use ctrl+F and at the bottom of the page you can type the word you are looking for.

4. How can you share a webpage with friends?


*You can add the link to delicous or blink

*it's possible to send the link by selecting 'File' and then 'Send link'

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