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Here's a collection of acronyms put together by the group members. If you come across an acronym you feel should be included here, just edit this page and add it to the table. Thanks!


ICT Information and Communications Technology LOL Laugh out loud / Lots of Laughter
LWCers members of the community "Learning with Computers"f2f face to face
BTW By the way BRB Be right back
CALLComputer Assisted Language LearningA.k.a.also known as
PBLProject-based learningWWW World Wide Web
URLUniform Resource LocatorWYSIWYGWhat you see is what you get (pronounced whizzy-wig
IMO or IMHOIn my opinion or In my humble opinion (more usual)Add your acronym hereAdd the meaning here


If you can't find an acronym here, read on or go to Acronym Finder



(I live in Germany, the land of the academic footnote, where footnotes, like here, are much longer than the entry itself. :-))))




Great minds think alike. Also inspired by Baw2006, I started a Wiki for members of the Yahoogroups list, IATEFL's SIG Young Learners....Oh. Two acronyms there.IATEFL = International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language, and SIG = special interest group.


And the subject and title of the Wiki is....

ACRONYMS galore!



Go to:




and please feel free to add.





You'll also find links to the YL group. YL, to this group, means ages 4/& up to 18, by the way.




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